Give me a Scotch, I'm Starving


Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist by day, scruffy-looking nerf herder by night.

Hannah. Han for short, as in Solo.

Comic shop assistant manager. Opinionated with a side of nerdy. Iron Man junkie, Mass Effect activist, film critic, literary fiend, lover of tattoos and boys with earrings. Sometimes an artist, occasionally a writer, and always a connoisseur of bad fic.

NOTE: If you want to tag me in something and get my attention, tag it with “Iron Han”, without the dash.

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posted 1 month agovia©reblog

I don’t even have a comment for what happened here

(nukawinter submitted)

Oh shit, also the next chapter of Unprepared is up

I completely forgot to mention that



Kind-of a rush job on this one but I wanted to get it finished in time for N7 Day



For Han of her character David. She likes babies so here he is as a little chunk babb with some toys. Looks kind of funny because its a pencil sketch that I photographed with my iPod.

Hope you like it, Han. :)

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I wanted to draw something for me and even though I didn’t end up finishing it I really liked the linework so I’m posting it up anyway

exosuit!David doesn’t get drawn nearly enough


Second part of iron-han's commission for her character, David Solaris Vakarian, half-turian son of Commander Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian.

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First part of iron-han commission for her character, David Solaris Vakarian, the half turian son of Commander Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian. 

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Mothers have eyes in the back of their heads and can sense when trouble is about to be made

these are scientific facts