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Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist by day, scruffy-looking nerf herder by night.

Hannah. Han for short, as in Solo.

Comic shop assistant manager. Opinionated with a side of nerdy. Iron Man junkie, Mass Effect activist, film critic, literary fiend, lover of tattoos and boys with earrings. Sometimes an artist, occasionally a writer, and always a connoisseur of bad fic.

NOTE: If you want to tag me in something and get my attention, tag it with “Iron Han”, without the dash.

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Tom Hiddleston epic look alike: the shakespearean actor Herbert Beerbohm Tree.

Thanks to turnyourgreyskiesblue for pointing that out!

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They say Brits play the best villains.

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"It’s really exciting to see his prison outfit because there are two shapes to it. One is very polished and almost lush. It’s as if he’s wearing a very expensive dressing gown because he’s a prince and it’s been bestowed upon him. The other is when you see him at rock bottom and he has torn his clothes and his hair and his face, and it’s an incarnation of his own self-hate and despair.”

Tom Hiddleston
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Look at how excited he is for himself. [x]
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"So I looked away for a second and I said ‘Hang on ! Hang on ! Hang on, let me just… like relax for a bit’, so I was just looking out the window and she got me."

#i’m not a model the camera just went off

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The Art of Villainy. [x]
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